Seaside Fun

Yet another tracing exercise. Not that I’m too much impressed about the result myself, but … what the heck.

Comic-Style Me

This is a little drawing of myself I did a while ago when trying how to do a manual trace of a photograph. Nothing fancy, but somehow I like it.


realXML is an (almost) complete XML parser and event router (formerly known as rXML), completely written in pure REALbasic code without any declares or external libraries.

RB Debug Object

If you need to track what’s going on in your RB-App, this is the way to go. It simply implements the “Debug.Print” method and logs the messages to a floating window, a text file – or (OS X only) to the system console. All of this works cross-platform and is as customizable as it’s “Plug […]


This program backs up any REALbasic project file in regular intervalls, so you can easily go back to a previous version if necessary. Since this has proven to be quite handy even for some other files (Photoshop works well!), I spiced it up a bit and made it public.


Ever got letter soup and don’t know how to clean it up? TextConverter offers an easy and user friendly interface to your Macintosh’s text encoding converter functions. Additionally, it features an html-entity converter and an option to define your own custom encoding.

Mac Fortune

This is a simple Mac-like port of the U*ix “fortune” command line tool. It includes the original fortune database so there’s no lack of geeky saying for every day.

Aqua World Desktop

This Macintosh desktop picture is based on an artistic interpretation of a Goode Homolosine Projection. Actually, this looks probably best with earlier versions of MacOS X, but… well…

RB Localization

Some thoughts on how to localize software – since this was originally written for the REALbasic User Group Finland its main target group is REALbasic users, of course, but others might find an insight or two as well.