Irrtümer und Trugschlüsse

[de] Wer mich kennt, weiß, dass ich mich seit längerem mit einem Themenbereich beschäftige, den man im Englischen mit dem schönen Wort „fallacies“ umschreibt. Dieser Ausdruck umfasst einen weiten Bereich der Denkfehler, Fehlschlüsse und unfairen rhetorischen Mittel und hat eigentlich keine Entsprechung in der deutschen Sprache.

The problem with <abbr> …

This is an essay on the proper markup for abbreviations and acronyms in HTML. If was first published as a series of posts on Yammer, but since we will discontinue the use of that tool, I thought I rather save it over here (it’s probably more accessible here anyways). A word of warning: this is […]

Server Reliability: The Rule of Nines

After a little, er, let’s call it discussion I had with a certain supplier recently, I decided to write down a few words on server reliability and how to measure and understand it. Like so many things that touch statistics it is very easy to take statements like “99.7% reliability” at face value without understanding its […]

RB Localization

Some thoughts on how to localize software – since this was originally written for the REALbasic User Group Finland its main target group is REALbasic users, of course, but others might find an insight or two as well.