The problem with <abbr> …

This is an essay on the proper markup for abbreviations and acronyms in HTML. If was first published as a series of posts on Yammer, but since we will discontinue the use of that tool, I thought I rather save it over here (it’s probably more accessible here anyways). A word of warning: this is […]

Pocket Calculator

Here’s another weekend-project. Actually it’s more an “interface study”, but a fully functional calculator app. It is all based around the thought: why does the “Calculator” app on my computer still look like a hardware pocket calculator from the 1950’s? Why doesn’t it render the formula like a proper formula editor? Why can’t I enter […]

Portal Turret Project

My (then 6-year-old) daughter and me were pretty impressed by this build of a Portal Turret, and since she is quite a big Portal fan, this thing went straight up to the top of her birthday wish-list.

Local Environment Chat (LEChat)

Time to mention a little project I’m working on since a while: A simple chat interface that will run inside your web browser (read: made in JavaScript) in combination with a server that can run under OpenWRT, which in turn means it can run on your old router at home. Yes, no dedicated server needed.

Seaside Fun

Yet another tracing exercise. Not that I’m too much impressed about the result myself, but … what the heck.

Comic-Style Me

This is a little drawing of myself I did a while ago when trying how to do a manual trace of a photograph. Nothing fancy, but somehow I like it.

Aqua World Desktop

This Macintosh desktop picture is based on an artistic interpretation of a Goode Homolosine Projection. Actually, this looks probably best with earlier versions of MacOS X, but… well…