A Raspberry Pi File and Print Server

I was recently looking into the options to buy a living room “home server” to centralize certain services like file and print server, media server, etc.

It didn’t take me long to realize that for less money I could get a whole legion of small microcomputers that do the same work better and more securely; and use less energy while doing so.

This was of course the pretext to buy my first Raspberry Pi. A few more should follow… This article starts a little series explaining what I did and how I did it. Today, I will look at the first and simplest type of server: Continue reading

Pocket Calculator

Here’s another weekend-project. Actually it’s more an “interface study”, but a fully functional calculator app. It is all based around the thought: why does the “Calculator” app on my computer still look like a hardware pocket calculator from the 1950’s?

  • Why doesn’t it render the formula like a proper formula editor?
  • Why can’t I enter formluae like in a modern programming language?

Continue reading

Local Environment Chat (LEChat)

Time to mention a little project I’m working on since a while: A simple chat interface that will run inside your web browser (read: made in JavaScript) in combination with a server that can run under OpenWRT, which in turn means it can run on your old router at home. Yes, no dedicated server needed. Continue reading

RegEx Cheat Sheet

Nachdem ich viel gutes (und z.T. auch kritisches) Feedback zum Java Cheat Sheet bekommen habe, hier noch einmal etwas ähnliches: das Acrobat/PDF Document RegEx Cheat Sheet.

Wie gewohnt ist das alles so kurz und knapp wie möglich beschrieben. Wer noch keine Ahnung von RegEx-Mustern hat, sollte sich wohl besser erst mal woanders schlau machen, aber wer eine gute Referenz sucht, die er vielleicht an die Wand pinnen kann, ist hier richtig.