realXML is an (almost) complete XML parser and event router (formerly known as rXML), completely written in pure REALbasic code without any declares or external libraries.It has been used already for a variety of applications, and has proven its reliability for a number of purposes.

The main design goals are:

  • Platform independence – compiles fine for all RB plattforms
  • Maintainability – pure RB code, open source
  • Easy to implement – a few lines of code is all you need
  • Error recovery – can handle common mistakes and recover gracefully
  • Error logging – but still puts them right under your nose 🙂

The package comes with extensive documentation, a powerfull tester application and some quite useful extra classes. Best of all: it’s free!

This software is released under the LPGL. In short, this allows you to use it in your commercial applications while forcing you to help me finding bugs <grin>.

Note: Since version 5.5, REALbasic comes with its own, feature-rich XML parser. In many aspect, it is more powerful than realXML whose main advantage is that it’s a lot smoother and easier to integrage into your apps. While that means that realXML’s development will probably go slower now, I still find it quite handy to have this for my own projects, and I intend to keep on working on it.

The all-new version 3.0 includes a simple XML editor as an example application. Have a look and tell me what you think 🙂