I am a big fan of Draw with Jazza and follow his YouTube channel and I decided that I just have to take part in his November Challenge of the Month. The theme for this challenge was “Pokémon-Mashup”, that is, design a chimera of two or more different Pokémon. My idea was to create an amalgamation of the two Pokémon “Ninetails” and “Cubone”, wich resulted in me calling it “Ninebone”.

After some initial sketches I decided to go with a birds eye view of Ninebone crying, while being surrounded by other Pokémon.

Technically, I started to draw the scene on paper, because that’s just how I roll 😉
First Draft
Once I was happy with the outcome of the sketch I scanned it and continued in Photoshop.

And voilá, here’s the result:

Please also see the upload on Newgrounds.